Thank You For Everything.

With great sadness, the SV Robotics Team has decided to stop running classes, code avenger accounts and streams as of Jan 1st 2022  indefinitely. This decision was incredibly difficult. Mayu, Noor, Akshata, our instructors and I have put an immense amount of effort into building this academy. We were able to create a community that loved to learn and was excited to solve problems. This was possible thanks to the parents and students that took the time to give us feedback and advice to improve our services.

Shoutout to our amazing students!!! Mayu and I were always so excited to see your amazing creations. From the small wins of making a light blink to the big wins like winning hackathons, you have always confirmed our initial hypothesis, that you can do more than what the traditional school system believes. We expect big things from all of you!we no longer believe that we can sustain a level of quality at SV that our customers have come to expect as we shifted our learning models. Both Mayu and I are to continue our careers in engineering.

We must thank our amazing instructors who were critical in our mission. They brought excitement and passion to each class, and helped improve our services. I also want to specifically thank Alex Ho who has been at SV since the beginning, thank you for being a strong foundation.Noor and Akshata, you two held down our operations. Thank you for helping our customers with difficult questions and transitions. You two made SV the high quality institute that we thrived to achieve.Mayu and I would also like to thank Yspace, David Kwok for providing use with space and insights that we both needed.

This news is disappointing for our students and parents, but the Toronto tech education space is strong. For younger students we suggest looking at Logix Academy (ages 7-12) in Markham, The Knowledge Society (Downtown Toronto Ages 12-18). Our middle/high school students should look at First Robotics/Vex teams at their school, as well as Canada Learning Code to pursue learning outside of school. Apply to Hackathons, keep involved... there are a lot of resources for your kids to utilize.

If you particularly had interest in continuing learning for your child with one of our instructors, reach out to us and we will connect you with an instructor of interest. Our website will continue to stay open till March 2022. On the website we have lots of free booklets to teach Python, 3D design and Arduino. We will be available to answer any questions you might have at our email .

Thank you again.

Please reach out if there are any questions or require any assistance.

Your's Truly,

Mayuran & Glenn.

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