Very well constructed curriculum. Way more advanced than what you can learn at school.

Ryosuke M

SV Robotics is such an amazing program. My son really enjoys going each week. I have tried a few other robotics classes around the city but I found SV Robotics to be the most well-rounded and interesting. I am so glad that my son has place to go to that is fun AND educational.

Samantha C

I found SV Robotics Academy through a friend and the types of projects they offer to the kids are very practical, such as a solar panel that automatically follows the sunlight. Definitely would recommend for teens who are interested in STEM and robotics.

Adrian R

I’ve been a student at SV Robotics Academy for a year and have had an amazing experience. The teachers provide support and make learning robotics easy. I highly recommend SV Robotics Academy to anyone interested in learning robotics.

Gowthaman G

Joining this robotics club has to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made. SV Robotics Academy provides a great learning experience. The project I’m currently working on is an IOT Alarm Device. What sparked this project was my annoying little brother, who would constantly come into my room, steal my things and go through my stuff whenever he wants without my permission. This triggered me to create a solution in which I could be immediately notified with pictures when someone walks into my room. This project solves my problem and brings an end to nosy siblings, all thanks to the tools, education and encouragement provided by this class!

Sanji S

I have been learning at SV Robotics Academy for months now, and they provide a safe, fun, fascinating learning environment. Support from teachers and fellow students helped me advance my learning in robotics quickly. In this class, I have learned a lot including building circuits, using Arduino, designing cad, using sensors, and more. In this class, I began to apply electronics to the real world and I started to process how things are made. Great class!

Vinush V

I heard about this robotics club/program through a friend and i’m very impressed by my friend’s progress. This has inspired me to join the program. SV Robotics Academy allows you to be creative and enhances ur knowledge. There is always something new to learn everyday. The accomplishments of this club at maker fest was amazing, most importantly the club helps u create a strong relationship with your peers and mentors and allows a positive environment for people to learn in. It’s amazing how much impact a program like this can have on many kids. Keep up the good work.

Kawsi S

I’ve been going to classes for about a year now and it’s great. I’m surrounded by inspiring peers and it’s a very nurturing environment, where we learn to be independent but we still get constant encouragement and feedback. My current assignment is a gesture controlled drone and it’s really fun, but if you were tell me a few months ago that I’d be making a drone I would’ve scoffed at the idea. I really recommend this class.

Kavin G

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