How I Got My Brother to Stop Sneaking Into My Room

I am pretty sure we all have that sibling or parent who would enter your room and pretend like they never did. That is exactly what sparked this project; my annoying little brother. He would constantly come into my room and steal my things and go through my stuff whenever he wants without my permission. I felt like I was sharing rooms with him when he clearly had his own room. Our room is our own personal space where everything in there is ours. I had to find a way to stop this problem because what was mine was starting to become his and that is just not right. That triggered me to create a solution in which I could be notified immediately when someone walks into my room. At first creating this project, I thought that it was impossible because I did not know where to start with everything being so difficult. I thought that maybe there would never be a solution to this problem of controlling bratty siblings. After so many complications, trial, and errors, I was finally able to create this IOT invention called “ Keep My Brother Out.” I created an IOT device from scratch that notifies me through by sending me an email when someone walks through my room door. The email contains a link that allows me to access the camera built into the device. This project solves my problem and brings an end to nosy siblings forever!

This took me almost more than half a year, consisting of many iterations and versions of my device. I started off by planning and designing then progressed to creating prototypes and adding more features. Over each step of the process, I learned a lot about robotics, programming, and 3D modelling. I gained experience dealing with software such Solidworks, and assemblies such as PCB boards and WIFI modules (Utilized C). My device has many practical applications in society, from security systems to motion activation of things like lights. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed creating K.M.B.O. under the guidance of SV Robotics. I look forward to improving this device and making many more in the future.

Bio: Hey, my name is Sanji and I am currently in grade 11 studying at R.H King Academy. I have been going to SV Robotics for the past 3 years now and it has helped me achieve many of my goals and improve my knowledge massively on robots. Ever since I was a little kid I always had a passion for building and programming robots. After joining this foundation my love for robotics has been growing ever since. Within the past 3 years I was able to create and program many different robots and learned how to approach a problem or a challenge. Just recently I had created an IOT device “ Keep My Brother Out”. Building this IOT device has been a great accomplishment for me to strive and build even more things to the best of my ability in the future.

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