Our Instructors

Gary Huang

Gary Huang is a recent graduate from McMaster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with Co-op. He loves combining smaller components into something more significant than the sum of its parts, whether it be adding microchips into a circuit, lines of code into a program, or ingredients into a tasty dish. His style of teaching is perfect for the hands-on type curriculum that SV Robotics Academy provides. Gary continually helps students be creative and unique when solving problems.

Adam Gibicar

Adam Gibicar is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University.  His research focus is in medical image analysis of magnetic resonance (MR) images, which involves developing machine learning / AI algorithms and python software to aid in clinical diagnosis and monitor disease progression.  Adam is excited to teach future innovators at SV Robotics Academy the importance of programming in the medical field.  His goal is to share his knowledge and experience to excite students!

Anmol Deol


Ever since she was a little girl, she always had a passion for solving puzzles. As she grew older, she traded her puzzles for a degree in computer engineering to solve real-life problems. Anmol strives to learn, currently, she is pursuing Business at York University. New ideas have always intrigued her and SV robotics is the place to share and work on these ideas with very talented future learners. SV robotics is a place for her to explore, share knowledge and skills with the minds that are eager to learn and always wondering about something new.

Jenny Cao

Instructor / Vex Mentor

Jenny has always been curious and intrigued by artificial intelligence. She competed in VEX Robotics competitions in high school, which ultimately drove her to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Toronto to continue to pursue her passion for coding and AI. It is significant for learners to have early exposure to engineering. At SV Robotics, Jenny shares her knowledge and passion, inspiring future learners to the endless opportunities in the exciting world of design, programming, and engineering.

Syeda Farhat Lamisa


Syeda Farhat Lamisa is currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto. She is a coding enthusiast and skilled at electrical engineering. Lamisa is excited to create and innovate new products, and loves helping students make their own.

At U of T’s Robotics Association, Lamisa became a strong project manager to ensure her team met strict milestones. She utilises her management skills to help every student stay on track as they create their own project. Lamisa is inspired to transfer her knowledge to future creators at SV Robotics Academy.

Alex Ho

Instructor / Operations

Alex Ho is a Mechatronics Engineering student with a passion for Robotics. His past experiences at Firan Technology Group, a PCB design and manufacturing firm has allowed Alex to fuel his passion in engineering and in turn, bring his experience and knowledge into SV Robotics Academy.


Very well constructed curriculum. Way more advanced than what you can learn at school.

Ryosuke M

SV Robotics is such an amazing program. My son really enjoys going each week. I have tried a few other robotics classes around the city but I found SV Robotics to be the most well-rounded and interesting. I am so...

Samantha C

I found SV Robotics Academy through a friend and the types of projects they offer to the kids are very practical, such as a solar panel that automatically follows the sunlight. Definitely would recommend for teens who are interested in...

Adrian R

I've been a student at SV Robotics Academy for a year and have had an amazing experience. The teachers provide support and make learning robotics easy. I highly recommend SV Robotics Academy to anyone interested in learning robotics.

Gowthaman G

Joining this robotics club has to be one of the best choices I've ever made. SV Robotics Academy provides a great learning experience. The project I'm currently working on is an IOT Alarm Device. What sparked this project was my...

Sanji S

I have been learning at SV Robotics Academy for months now, and they provide a safe, fun, fascinating learning environment. Support from teachers and fellow students helped me advance my learning in robotics quickly. In this class, I have learned...

Vinush V
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