Frequently Asked Questions

When are MVP topics announced?

Topics are generally announced during the first live stream.

When are the streams and the workshops?

Live streams will occur at 7pm on Tuesdays of every week. Workshop times will vary and will be announced on the SV app.

I’m busy this month with school - Can I be excused for this month?

That’s perfectly fine. Sometimes work loads pile up especially near exams.We ask that you simply post an idea on the MVP forum at the beginning of the month and create a short presentation on your idea for the end of the month. Let your instructor know after class that you will not be participating fully in the MVP for the month.

I have an idea of building out a cool prototype. I’m going to need help with it though, how I do go about getting help?

If you have any technical questions, post them on the forum There will also be workshops from time to time to help with your projects.

I’m having trouble generating ideas! Can I get help?

There will be opportunities for brainstorming sessions with your class. Additionally, you can ask for some help on the forums!

I haven’t attended the live stream, what do I do?

Visit: to watch the recorded stream.