1. Does This Prep My Child For University?

Our program teaches university level programming and robotics. We help enable our students to experience hack-a-thons, competitions and workshops that allows them to challenge and better prepare themselves for competitive environments.

2. How Can My Child Join Competition Teams And/Or Industry Projects?

We fundamentally believe a lot of learning happens outside the classroom, so we push our students to join Competitions, and Industry Projects. Students are invited by SV Robotics instructors to join competition teams and Industry Projects based on classroom merit, and experience.

3. Are There Projects For My Child To Work On At Home?

Yes! We provide our students with a kit to work on engineering projects we’ve created or projects students would like to pursue. This also helps our students learn cohesively with the curriculum provided every weekend. It allows for our students to push, practice and learn more on their own time.

4. What Is The Schedule For Your Programs?

For more information on our program schedule navigate to program overviews in the top menu and select your city. There you will find the schedules for each location! We enroll on a rolling basis!

5. What Is The Age Range For Your Programs?

We have programs for students between the ages of 8-18. Students are split into sections with respective age ranges.

6. Does My Child Need Prior Experience In Coding Or Robotics?

No previous experience or specific skill sets are required to participate in SV Robotics Academy’s programs. Our instructors adapt and tailor our curriculum to our students’ unique modes of learning.

7. What Is The Free Class / Assessment For?

Our program is rewarding. It’s also difficult and rigorous. Trying a free class is a great chance for students to find out if SV Robotics is a good fit for them. It helps our instructors identify what are the best tailored methods to teach our future students. We identify strengths, areas to improve, student goals as well as the best scheduled slot for our students to thrive in.

8. What Is The Size Of Your Classes And What Is The Instructor To Student Ratio.

We have a small classroom setting with a 6:1 student/teacher ratio. We feel that students are able to learn at an accelerated pace with this setting.

9. Are Any Special Supplies Required?

No, We provide everything required to create an inspiring, empowering educational experience – from software to hardware. The program includes a kit with various sensors and parts: in which students can bring their learning home by working on projects or utilizing our online portal to practice what they’ve learned. We just ask participants to bring a positive attitude as well as nut-free snacks and water.

10. How Do I Enroll My Child?

Enrollment is easy! If you’re signing up for the first time, you can try a free class by clicking the link on the top right corner of the page so that we may create a tailored experience for your child! We enroll students anytime on a rolling basis.

11. Is My Child Locked To Their Time Slot? / Can I Reschedule Classes For My Child? / What Happens If I Miss Classes?

We try to be flexible for our busy students, so if you need to reschedule let us know 3 days in advance and we’ll shift your timing! If a student misses a session, their class is credited and they can be utilized with in 2 months. Missed sessions may be rescheduled up to two times in any given month (this is subject to class availability).

12. What Is The Refund And Cancellation Policy?

Once a student enrols in the program, they are obligated to pay for the duration/classes of the month in which they participated in prior to the cancellation request. The only exceptions to this policy are extenuating circumstances (e.g. being ill, facing a circumstance beyond your control). For bulk programs, refunds are in full unless after the second month in which parents are charged a reservation fee (170) for every remaining month in the program.
We encourage all parents to submit inquiries regarding this, and any other, policy to [email protected]

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