Frequently Asked Questions

Why SV Online

What is the process of enrolling?

We have a lot to learn about your child. Our mentors, curriculum and instructors are dependent on your child's passion and interest. 

1. Get Started! 

Meet your Mentor: The first meeting will be to understand your child's interests, learning paths and passion. We will also fit your child into the best course classroom based on their interests and experience. We also have a lesson on how to use our SV Online Platform! Here your student will learn how to join Classrooms, Ask Questions and Post the projects they will create! 

Psst. You’ll find the Parent Dashboard in here particularly useful.

2. The SV Online Experience!

Your Child’s journey begins! From here, students will be joining their private or group sessions weekly and progress through their courses! When they have questions, they can ask them on the SV Online Forum! When they have projects, they can post them on our Project Board and get support/feedback from Instructors,Mentors and Students!  Competitions and Projects will be posted Monthly for students to participate! 

The best part? Students actively participating in classroom activities, answering questions, posting projects and participating in competitions earn POINTS!

Every 6 Months, we realize prizes for the top 10 students!

3. Check In!

You’re a part of your child’s journey too. Book a mentor meeting monthly to check in with our project mentors! This is also a great way for Students to see how they’re progressing through the program, learn about more opportunities to participate and feel like they’re accountable for their engagement!

Need to be updated more frequently? Check the Parent Dashboard to get updated information weekly on student progress, projects and participation!

What Makes SV Online Different?

SV Online focuses on real world learning. We teach programming and robotics through projects that are relatable to real world experiences! It allows students to focus on developing creativity, critical thinking and technical skills while learning.

We’re focused on your child learning real skills:

Our team is composed of Engineers and Educators! Technical skills are great, but best paired with great interpersonal skills! Your child will learn technical skills through classrooms, and creating projects. They will develop interpersonal skills such as team work, collaboration and problem solving through competitions and events!

Take us anywhere!:

Let's be honest, you’re busy. We’re entirely online so we can be accessed anywhere: From your car, the dentists or the line in the grocery store. Although, your child will be best suited in an environment where they can focus, participate and engage with their instructors.

Your Child Needs A Mentor:

Learning isn’t a smooth process. We want to assure students we’re watching over both their stumbles and success. Our Monthly mentorship gives students motivation, confidence, and holds them accountable to their participation.

Your Child will be engaged:

Points, Competitions, Online Communities, Classrooms and Projects. We aim to ensure students are continuously engaged, participating and building a love for their learning.

Program Details

How do I check my children’s progress?

You can access the Parent Dashboard via the SV Online Platform. This will give you insight to your child’s progress, experiences and projects.

Do my children get homework?

Yes, but we don’t call it homework! Students are assigned mini-projects and tasks through their classrooms to work on when outside of the classroom. We also provide access to our exclusive online software to work on particular skills in their courses.

Where does my child start in the curriculum?

Students are enrolled into courses based on their experience, and interests. This is facilitated through the initial mentorship meeting! 

Can my child get additional help outside of class?

We love students who want to continually learn. Our SV Online Forum is a perfect way for students to ask questions outside of class to be answered by our mentors and instructors!

When can my child start?

We accept students on a rolling basis. Use Get Started to meet with us!

What happens if my Child Misses a class?

Group Classrooms are recorded and sent to absent students after the lesson is complete. Private classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled class.

What Is The Schedule?

Schedules are dependent on the student plan you choose. Group sessions are set in time slots: Weekends Only, Weekdays Only, or Weekends & Weekdays. Private classes are flexible and can be scheduled pertaining to your child's availability.

SV Instructors

What do you mean by real world experience?

Real world experience means learning from outside of the classroom. Whether this be competitions, events, hackathons, volunteering and work experiences!

Who are SV Instructors?

SV Instructors and Mentors are students and graduates of engineering disciplines from Canadian and U.S Universities. Our SV Instructors come from a wide variety of engineering disciplines including: Software, Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Computer Science. This allows students to get unique experiences from different perspectives of fields!

Our Instructors are extensively trained in teaching as well as providing a great classroom experience. We also ensure Instructors have actual real world experience, which allows them to bring their experiences into the classroom.

Hackathons, Competitions & Certificates

Are there any certifications for my Kids?

Yes! These Certifications are independent of our organization! Please notify your Mentor of your interest in earning a certification in their course.

What are hackathons?

Hackathons are both similar and different from Competitions. They are more focused on solving a huge problem with an idea. The purpose of the hackathon is to create that idea within 36 hours (Yes! That means overnight hacking) with a team of like minded individuals. Students complete and present their idea to a team of judges to win prizes.

Prerequisites & Requirements

How long does my child spend in each course?

Students tend to spend 3-6 months in each course. Students are eligible to graduate out of their sections as early as 4 months. In order to graduate into the next level of the course, they are required to complete a graduation project covering all of the key learning areas in their course.

What technology do i need to have at home?

Access to a Laptop/Computer and a stable internet connection is all that is needed! A working camera and microphone (built-in or separate) is highly recommended!

How much time will my child spend in the SV Program?

Students are encouraged to learn in and outside of the classroom. Aside from Group or Private Sessions, students are engaged in homework, projects and competitions.

What is the right age for my child?

Our programs start at 7 years old. It's our Mentors duty to appropriately enroll students into a classroom they’ll fit well into. Get started here!

Do I need Any Robotics Parts or Tools?

No! We provide all of the software, simulation and applications required for our courses.

NT Electronics Course & Projects: If students wish to build their electronics circuits, Mentors can refer their students to appropriate resources to source their equipment.


What is the cancellation policy?

We understand things come up! We’ll be happy to help you cancel your subscription, just fill out this form! If you do need help with anything, please send us an email to support@svrobotics.ca

I’m going on vacation! Can I pause my subscription?

Of course! We can pause the subscription from 2 weeks up to how long you need! Just let us know when you need to return!

How do I reschedule private sessions?

Students can use the online portal to message their instructors. They will have the ability to reschedule their class 24 hours prior to the classroom session.

We want to be a good fit. Try out a couple classes. Grab your trial today.

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