Arduino Beginner

Circuit design is the stepping stone of Robotics! The Arduino software is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users! It's an amazing platform to learn circuit design, as well as hardware & software configuration! Future computer engineers will find this course perfect!

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Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Students will transition into Arduino by learning C programming in conjunction with TinkerCAD circuits. They will be learning how to create simple projects with a variety of circuit components such as sensors, LCD displays and even robots.



IR Remote Sensors

LCD Displays


Breadboard Design

Circuit Components

Hardware / Software Configuration


IR Remote LED Control

Remote Control Robot

LCD Display Jumping Game

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What you learn

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How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will my child spend in the SV Program?

Students are encouraged to learn in and outside of the classroom. Aside from Group or Private Sessions, students are engaged in homework, projects and competitions.

Are there any certifications for my Kids?

Yes! These Certifications are independent of our organization! Please notify your Mentor of your interest in earning a certification in their course.

Can my child get additional help outside of class?

We love students who want to continually learn. Our SV Online Forum is a perfect way for students to ask questions outside of class to be answered by our mentors and instructors!

Do I need Any Robotics Parts or Tools?

No! We provide all of the software, simulation and applications required for our courses.

NT Electronics Course & Projects: If students wish to build their electronics circuits, Mentors can refer their students to appropriate resources to source their equipment.

Do my children get homework?

Yes, but we don’t call it homework! Students are assigned mini-projects and tasks through their classrooms to work on when outside of the classroom. We also provide access to our exclusive online software to work on particular skills in their courses.

How do I check my children’s progress?

You can access the Parent Dashboard via the SV Online Platform. This will give you insight to your child’s progress, experiences and projects.

How long does my child spend in each course?

Students tend to spend 3-6 months in each course. Students are eligible to graduate out of their sections as early as 4 months. In order to graduate into the next level of the course, they are required to complete a graduation project covering all of the key learning areas in their course.


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Samantha C

SV Robotics is such an amazing program. My son really enjoys attends lessons each week. I have tried a few other robotics classes around my city but I found SV Robotics to be the most well-rounded and interesting. I am so glad that my son can learn online, that is fun AND educational.

Adrian R

I found SV Robotics Academy through a friend and the types of projects they offer to the kids are very practical. Definitely would recommend for kids and teens who are interested in STEM and robotics.


I’ve been a student at SV Robotics Academy for a year and have had an amazing experience. The teachers provide support and make learning engineering easy. I highly recommend SV Robotics Academy to anyone interested in learning robotics and coding.

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