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Samantha C

SV Robotics is such an amazing program. My son really enjoys attends lessons each week. I have tried a few other robotics classes around my city but I found SV Robotics to be the most well-rounded and interesting. I am so glad that my son can learn online, that is fun AND educational.

Adrian R

I found SV Robotics Academy through a friend and the types of projects they offer to the kids are very practical. Definitely would recommend for kids and teens who are interested in STEM and robotics.


I’ve been a student at SV Robotics Academy for a year and have had an amazing experience. The teachers provide support and make learning engineering easy. I highly recommend SV Robotics Academy to anyone interested in learning robotics and coding.

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Our story

Empowering young students to learn through real world experience.

SV Online started with the idea of learning through real-world experiences. Our story begins in Toronto, Canada. Our team of instructors was mentored by Dr Vijayakumar, a University of Toronto professor. He inspired the vision of learning through doing. After his passing, we decided to carry on his vision

Our roots

This is why we do it.

We’re a proud Canadian company! We are located in Toronto and launched our program in person. We rapidly learned that we are able to offer the same experience of learning, programming, and inspiration -- online. We’ve had students compete and succeed in competitions across Canada!

Methodology & Approach

Learning For The Future of Technology.


Designed to learn 21st century in-demand skills based on real-world projects.

Our Curriculum

We've been teaching for over 4 years. Learn by doing is our mantra. Get your hands dirty and learn how to pitch your work.

How it works
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