YSpace, 169 Enterprise Blvd, Markham Ontario

Advanced learning should be accessible to those who seek it

Experential learning of Programming and Robotics
for students aged 10-18.
Project based learning, students teaching students.
Entrepreneurial initiatives for students and inventors with no barriers.

Saturday and Sunday

12:00pm – 5:00pm

    • Design and create your own engineering project
    • Learn how to document and structure a project
    • Full development of projects (bottom up design)
  • Depending on the nature of the solution you’d like to solve you will:
  • Learn and apply more advanced programming techniques
  • Learn and apply electrical engineering skills and scale design for real world application
  • Learn and apply advanced mechanical design, as well as implement various manufacturing methods to produce a product

Examples of on-going projects:

i) IOT Alarm Device – Student is tired of their siblings running in and out of their room when they’re away, so the student wants email notifications every time someone enters their room. Hopefully further development of the product leads into identifying who is entering their room using facial recognition.

ii) Shoe Activity Tracker – Student thinks fitbit style tech should be more integrated in lifestyle, so student is developing a circuit for their shoe sole with use of IMU’s. Hopeful goal is to charge wirelessly through QI tech.

iii) Credit Card Holder that you’ll never forget – Students forgets his wallet everywhere, so he is creating a credit card holder with an integrated circuit so that he can identify where in the room his wallet is.

iv) Gesture controlled robotic turret to disable drones. Student identified that drones are going to be an expanding technology that will require some control.

v) Gesture controlled drone. Student would like to interface with drone with the use of gestures to control the drone.