Our Story

What inspired SV Robotics to what is today is a profound story. There was a Professor, Dr. Vijayakumar, who taught Engineering at UOFT. He was an inspiring teacher pushing the boundaries of what we learned in the Highschool Curriculm as early as 2013. He taught a variety of programming languages and about electronics. Unfortunately he passed away in 2017, and that inspired his students to continue his legacy! We believe advanced education should be accessible to all!


We firmly believe everyone should have an understanding of the variety of engineering's. Understanding programming, mechanical design, electrical design and the design process is essential to critical thinking practices!

Business Acumen

We want to set us apart from other engineering programs. Although we'd like to produce great technical minds, we want to allow students to grow multi-disciplinary. Understanding Communication, Leadership, and Business practices empowers students to understand both sides of technology.

Our Philosophy


We base our curriculum off of post secondary engineering education! We think everyone has the ability to learn given the platform and mentorship of our instructional engineering staff! We focus of Programming, Mechanical Design and Electrical Design in the learning stages.


Design a solution for a problem that you encounter in your life! Put those engineering skills to the test!



Test and pitch your product! Understand what it takes to design a product!


  • Free Weekend Class

    What are the logistics of the free weekend class?

    We understand this program is difficult and rigorous. We would like to see if the student is a good fit, just as much as the student feeling like they're a good fit. The first weekend free is a no obligation period. You decide whether to stay with the program after your first weekend.
  • Pricing

    How do I enroll?

    It depends on the program you're enrolled in! We do offer scholarships so please let us know you're interested. Contact us anytime.
  • Enrolling

    How do I enroll?

    Enrollment is easy! See if we're a good fit by trying us out for a week. If you're convinced join us!
  • Why Choose us?

    Why are we better than the competitor?

    We pride ourselves in teaching engineering at a technical level whilst still making it engaging for novice audiences. We stray away from Lego Robotics & Other toys because we feel there's a significant part of critical thinking is lost. What other institute teaches technical knowledge and business knowledge?