As a teenager, everything in my wallet is replaceable. However, my dad was a wreck when he realized he lost his wallet while running errands. This was the moment when I was inspired to create a device that tracks your wallet’s location. My product uses a Bluetooth module connected to your phone to track your wallet. This product can be used by anyone but I’m hoping it will bring peace of mind to people who are forgetful.

It works by using a Bluetooth chip, an Arduino Nano, and two lithium-ion batteries. I used language C to program my device.

In order to create a strong and durable plastic structure, my test wallet was 3D printed. In order to enhance my project, I worked with staff at Addem Labs, who specialize in paper thin PCBs to help reduce the overall thickness of the wallet.

I’ve had some success and challenges while I worked on this project. The first struggle I came across was restarting four times because it did not have enough structural support and I would mess up soldering the wires. However, I succeeded in powering the wallet on my first attempt and the recharge feature of the batteries was very useful.  

In the future, I may insert a GPS module to have a further range for finding the wallet and a passcode in the wallet for extra security. To further my learning, I will plan on identifying and work on my flaws in CAD design.  Thank you for reading this blog and stay tuned for more!


Bio: My name is Pragieth Suresh. I am 13 years old. I was born in Toronto, Canada. When I was young, I had a passion to work with robotics, and now I am pursuing it. My favorite food is pasta. My favorite part about the world is that there’s more to be seen!


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