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Advanced learning should be accessible to those who seek it

Experential learning of Programming and Robotics
for students aged 10-18.
Project based learning, students teaching students.
Entrepreneurial initiatives for students and inventors with no barriers.


Teaching the basics of mechanical design, programming and electrical theory through projects to build up technical tenacity!


Choose a problem.
Design a solution. Solve.

Empowering Youth

Mechanical Design

Through the use of existing technologies, concepts of mechanical engineering are taught and shown in implementation of mini projects. Design principles and approaches are taught through projects undertaken by the students. Manufacturing of their design using 3D printing, CNC Programming and Laser-cutting. 


Learning how to code taught through mechatronics. Programming fundamentals from simple arithmetic to Data structures will be covered through the entirety of their learning.

Electrical Engineering

Teaching electrical theory through visual projects. Using and manipulating electronics to fufill your project goals. From using breadboards and understanding Integrated Circuits(ICs) to manipulating signals with various components, students will be able to dynamically apply their electrical knowledge to all problems.

Product Design

Develop design principles to help students understand where every particular sect of engineering is necessary in critical thinking. Students will also learn documentation processes in order to support their career in engineering.

Our Team

We are students of engineering! See what we’ve done on LinkedIn!

Mayuran Ganesathas

Founder & Design Instructor

Navine Manivannan

Design Instructor

Ian Gregor

Design Instructor

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We are inspiring students of all ages to learn robotics and further their knowledge.

SV Robotics is located in the heart of Markham!

169 Enterprise Blvd unit 305, Markham, ON L6G 1B3

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